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  1.  Create a Memorial
    • You need to be logged in or registered to submit a memorial.
    • Click here to begin your memorial creation.
    • Within minutes, you can have a memorial of your pet that you can share with others.
  2.  Register with Pet Memorials
    • Register with Pet Memorials. It's free and easy.
  3.  Filtering by pet type
    • If you want to limit results to a certain pet type, simply select the desired option from the list.
    • Once selected, only memorials of that pet type will be shown.
    • You can filter your results more by selecting a breed type under the advanced options section.
  4.  Advanced options
    • Under advanced options you can choose ordering and sorting options.
    • These options allow you to browse just the types of memorials you want to see.
  5.  Trouble finding a memorial?
    • You can use the search box on the upper right to find a memorial by pet name.
    • The search page offers the same filtering, sorting, and ordering options to help you find the memorial you are looking for.

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